It's all about coincidence. Anna wrote a song about home. Six months later we are forced to stay there because of the pandemic. 
So we shoot a video and ask people in self-isolation to send us videos of themselves during everyday activities. They send us videos. Most of them have cats and guitars. 50% do house chores. I did not direct them, but things fell into perfect places. 
This music video seems basic, but I feel like this "basicness" is the real truth. During this time we don't find ourselves in a creative background of blue roses symbolising our sins, we find ourselves at home with a mobile phone camera that we put on a chair to make a shot. This video is a fixation of this strange time and remind ourselves that home is our true shelter. 

Director and Editor – Polina Varfolomeeva
DOP – Artem Sadovnikov
Color correction – Evgeny Gvozdev
Stylist – Diana Teplysheva
MUA – Irina Garbar
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