The main goal was to depict the atmosphere of the concert and bring the video to life, make it as if it was edited from audience cameras. The idea was great, we used POV camera and mounted two GoPro cameras on stage, but the shooting process was not very organized (my fault). I learned that shooting 13 people requires much preparation and that every song needed to be directed. I was a cameraman myself so I couldn't really control anybody, but we chose angles and lenses together. The process of editing was hard, because most of the time it was not a choice "Hm-m, what angle looks better and cut looks smoother" but "Oh, the only camera that was object in focus  at the moment was this one". The color correction needed a lot of effort too, because the lighting team did not tell us what color temperature would be primarily used. All of the camera settings were different. This was tough but great experience and I thank the band for trusting me to do this. 

Camera operators:
Polina Varfolomeeva
Marousia Sayapina
Fedor Litovko
Natasha Sitnikova
Ivan Smurigin
Marina Tolstobrova
Maksim Yaskevich
Special thanks to GoPro owners: Alexander Kartashev and Alexander Missyura.
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