My name is Polina. I create and direct music videos and visual content for big international and small local brands and artists including Vanish, HotPoint, Galbani, Yandex, Mvideo, Beeline and many others. 
As I studied Advertising and Public Relations in university, I have a deep understanding of marketing communication and brand strategy. My cultural background varies from living in a small Siberian city Barnaul to being an exchange high school student in Maine, USA.
I want to make content for products and ideas that make our life better. In my treatments I promote healthy and eco lifestyle, diverse casting, natural acting, honest depiction of life and contemporary art direction. My portfolio is quite diverse visually as I carefully choose techniques that work best for the creative idea rather than pushing my own perception of art.  
In my own projects I research mental health, spirituality and magical thinking. I like to work with analogue visual and special effects, creative production sets and complex camera movement.
The recent music video directed by me was chosen as Best Art Music Video and Best European Video on International Music Video Awards, Best Music Video in Boden International Film Festival and Florence Film Festival and nominated by Long Story Shorts festival.
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