The main goal was to make several videos on a short budget. So instead of renting good quality light and creating truly creative screenplay, I chose the very simple and cheap way to shoot such videos. 
I used my Nikon D7000 and energy-sufficient light bulbs head with LED-panel which resulted in not very good white balance and color rendering index. 
We also didn't have resources to make a new backdrop so I used one I made for my photo projects before. 
The most interesting about this day was cooking pizza in frame and making food being eaten – because that's what illustrates it's goodiness and taste!
The milkshake video was the messiest. I didn't have enough time to plan movements so I don't really like how it turned out. The cream and ice-cream leave stains and the syrup kept dropping on the surface.
Unfortunately, we also didn't have budget to make better motion design of titles, so I fixed it in fcpx myself. 

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