The aim of this video was to show how the main Vietnamese dish is cooked. PhoBo cafe asked me to create stop motion video only, but I decided to emphasize the importance of slow cooking and show the variety of people that enjoy the soup so we shot some of it in standard technique. The art of Pho Bo cooking is quite magical, so everything was made to create the atmosphere of potion cooking. I chose slow meditative music, low-key lighting, textures of background. 

At the very first, I created a storyboard and animated it with a choice of music. I wanted to add more text to tell the story (we couldn't use voiceover as the main publishing device for this was MEGA mall food court area) but the client decided to take out all of it. 

The budget was low and the season for renting a studio was high, so we shot right at the restaurant. The place's not big so we all we could use for the background was crafted panels made out of wood often used for food photography.

Director, producer – Polina Varfolomeeva
Assistant director – Alexander Vakulyuk
DOP – Evgeny Mlyukov 
Cameraman – Alexander Chubukin
Makeup Artist – Karina Krotyuk
Food stylist – Anastasia Komarova
Motion designer – Maxim Yaskevich

Video for PhoBo cafe network 
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