TOZ – Tvorozhnyi Obraz Zhizni
80's. Aerobics. Cottage cheese. Fun. Download 
Miratorg – salami and sausage
This is a tough one. The voiceover advises to keep vegans from screen because it contains a lot of real meat. As I am myself a vegetarian when I pitched for this project I imagined my father who is a staunch meat-eater. The dark serious intro with scenic-like light changes into a peaceful careless eating of Miratorg products. Download 
5ka – Food Delivery
A POV of a delivery guy carefully choosing each product leads up to a romantic glance shared with a pretty customer. Download
The inspiration starts with Galbani. A time-reversed commercial of mozzarella Galbani in a strawberry salad and avocado toasts. Download.
Hotpoint Instagram recipes which help not to waste food. Download.
A celebrity comedian decides to become a food blogger in Instagram series for salad dressing brand. Download.
A juicy video with stop motion for displays in restaurants and shopping malls depicting a process of preparing a traditional Vietnamese soup Pho Bo. Download.
Charming process of baking a chocolate cake. An ad for a bakery Chokoretto. Download.
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