Girls. Magic. Hedonism. Lifestyle and food commercials with playful visual techniques

Selected commercial projects:

Tanuki – New Menu
Japanese-inspired set design and a touch of magical realism were used here to showcase creation of the new menu in Japanese fusion restaurant chain Tanuki.
Avito – Meditation
A smooth guided meditation with psychedelic transitions, candles and furry pillows to keep you calm, just like Avito safe booking.
Ozon Express – Food Delivery
UGC-style commercial edited with effects of different media – from GIFs to screetshots. The goal of this campaign was to show real emotions from delivered food. Instead of pretentious slogans the copywriting includes funny and regular phrases which people use to describe food.
Fedua Nails
A fun little commercial created with my own script. Playful yet sexy, it shows a great variety of nail products to have fun.
Azbuka Vkusa – Ready Meals
Stylish, yet simple art-directed commercial for outdoor displays show reaction of characters to ready meals from a high-quality supermarket chain.
Askona – Sleep on a cloud
A young female architect enters her home after a tiring day. The innovative folding mattress controlled by a mobile app helps her relax making her actually sleep on a cloud.
Pobeda Chocolate
An overhead shot of a commercial shooting for a chocolate brand which ends with a whole production team eating the product... So meta!
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